Get the system used by both Pro Shops and Pro Shooters. The R.S. Bowvise Tuning System holds your bow in an upright position using our patented locking system giving you a TOTALLY HANDS FREE mounting of all accesories! Tuning your bow using our patented LEVER RISER TECHNOLOGY - LRT® Bow Tuning System makes installation of Rests, Sights with Third Axis, & Center Flight adjustments Quick and Easy.

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**New from RS Bowvise** ( SRT ) Tuning Levels system



Levels are designed to install directly into the Bows Riser

for the ***Bowtech Realm /Realm X***. For the ultimate bow tuning experience.


CNC Machined Bow Tuning Level Set


This kit contains all necessary tuning levels to achieve professional bow tuning results. All parts are made from CNC cut aluminum to exacting tolerances.



The RS BowVise


  The R.S. Bow-Vise securely holds your bow in an upright position allowing flexibility of tipping forward or side to side and locking at any angle, The R.S. Bow-Vise gives you hands free mounting of accessories and adjustments. The R.S. Bow-Vise features a micro adjust knob for alignment of nock and sight installation



The R.S. Parallel Limb Bow-Vise H-D

Totally redesigned for 2007 our New Tuning Vise is designed to be used to tune bows with parallel limbs. Our newly designed leveling block has a 15 degree pitch allowing the limb surface using our patented locking system to hold your bow more securely, and allowing the bows riser to achieve a more vertical position with minimum adjustment.


RS Nok-EZ & String Level Combo

Arrow level takes guess work out of nock positioning. Place arrow on rest, snap arrow on string, and move arrow up or down until level. String level checks vertical and horizontal position of bow for nock and sight installation.


 Nok EZ Arrow Level

Get the perfect nock position every time. Place arrow on arrow rest, snap arrow on string. Move arrow up or down on string until level.


R.S. String Level

For use with the NOK-EZ Arrow Level. Checks vertical and horizontal position of bow for nock and sight installation. Snap on lower portion of string serving.



NEW FOR 2018 Our "LRT" Level Rising Technology System®


New for 2018 is a tuning system unlike any other before, our LRT level securely mounts to the bow's riser and remains

all through the tuning process using the sight holes giving you the truest positioning possible for setting nocking position

installing all accessories perfectly true and especially the 2nd and 3rd axis alignment. Item# NE-025 SU HIR



***Also available as a set with our Vari-Pitch Level***




  R.S. Vari-Nok

The Vari-Nok Level is designed to level arrow at 90 degrees or allows nok to be positioned from 1/8 to 1/2 inch high.


R.S. Nok EX String Level Combo Pro

The value includes The RS Bowvise original Combo Level Set a pair of Pro Shop Quality nocking pliers and 2 string nocks.


360 Bow Riser Shelf Level

Check Vertical and Horizontal position of bow for String nock, sight installation and third axis alignment. Place on riser shelf centering bubble in level.



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