Get the system used by both Pro Shops and Pro Shooters. The R.S. Bowvise Tuning System holds your bow in an upright position using our patented locking system giving you a TOTALLY HANDS FREE mounting of all accesories! Tuning your bow using our patented LEVER RISER TECHNOLOGY - LRT® Bow Tuning System makes installation of Rests, Sights with Third Axis, & Center Flight adjustments Quick and Easy.

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The Power-Lok SeriesTM

Truly unique in design the Power-LokTM bow holder series securely holds your bow in a position which allows for easy access.



The Power-Lok Tree Stand Bow Holder

The iPower-Lok Tree Stand Bow HolderTM has all the great features as our Bench Buddy, But has a 7 inch reach that will enable you to lock on any treestand flat rail design in front of you putting your bow locked right in front of you at all times,its quiet operation makes it a must use item for the serious treestand hunter .

**also available as a side mount** Ask for the SM Model**









The Power-Lok Gator Jaw


Like the mighty jaws of the gator, the Power-Lok Gator JawTM holds your bow in place during boat operation and releases quickly for that important shot. Available in 4" and 6" heights. (NE 10 GJ)





The Power-Lok Bench Buddy


The Power-Lok The Bench Buddy, is designed to hold your bow securely in place Using our clamp in place power-lok system, constructed of power coated steel and ABS plastic it is perfect for any work shop or outdoor event ,the easy lock in place clamp and body are rubber finished for scratch proof use, the rotating interlocking design will hold your bow perfect position for all your needed adjustments.








Power-Lok Optional Mounts


Base  Extension Bracket Clamp





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